01. The children were [gluing] leaves onto pieces of paper for pictures showing the different seasons.
02. The young girl [glued] photos of her favorite rock stars into an album.
03. I broke a lamp in the living room, but my dad was able to [glue] it back together.
04. The [glue] you used to fix the toys wasn't very strong, and now they're broken again.
05. It seemed like all of Canada was [glued] to their televisions during the men's and women's gold medal Olympic hockey games.
06. The little boy had his eyes [glued] to the clock as he waited for the last day of school to end.
07. This [glue] is so strong it can fix anything.
08. Sophie accidentally [glued] her fingers together with some stuff for her nails.
09. His hair was [glued] to his face with sweat.
10. The children spilled pop all over the place, and now the newspaper is [glued] to the kitchen floor.
11. The [glue] that holds barnacles to rocks cannot be dissolved with strong acids or temperatures set as high as 440 degrees Fahrenheit.
12. There is about one tenth of a calorie in the [glue] on the back of postage stamps.
13. Anna Quindlen once stated that women are the [glue] that holds our day-to-day world together.
14. A pencil is made of two separate pieces of wood which are [glued] together.
15. Too many people nowadays [glue] themselves to their home computers for hours on end.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

(impure), (with glue),

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